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Embrace Self Wellness offers a variety of therapeutic wellness services to enhance health and vitality. We are currently taking appointments for Massage + Bodywork Therapy, Panchakarma and Lifestyle workshops in Chicago, Illinois and Des Moines, Iowa. If you are interested in scheduling a service please follow the link listed below.


 Embrace Self Wellness offers a range of educational tools and training courses to help restore balance and harmony in your life. Let us support you on your path towards wellness + healing.

available classes

Please note that before taking classes or workshops at Embrace Self Wellness, or receiving massage or ayurvedic wellness services, all adult students and parents/guardians of kids under 18 must agree to our Waiver and Release Agreement. If you intend on registering for any of our classes, workshops, or services, please complete the waiver as well as read our policies and procedures.



For each season and personal constitutions - $225

Ayurveda is based on the belief that nothing is right for everyone and everything is right for someone. Each person reacts to foods in different ways. If we are all different, why would we even consider the idea that there must be one program of nutrition that is best for everyone. Learn what diet, spices, and recipes are best for you. You will be given 6 Ayurvedic recipes to suit your personal constitution and the current season.



Customized weekly sequence - $60

A proper understanding of the connections between yoga and Ayurveda is important for a more effective home yoga practice. Improve your overall well-being and strengthen the nervous system with a customized yoga sequence created to suit your personal constitution. Guided Self Yoga practice has been known to induce deep states of relaxation and restoration by eliminating anxiety and stress.


Meditation & MINDFULNESS

2.5hr instruction -  $225

Embrace the present moment through mindful mantras & breathing exercises. Train your mind to induce a mode of consciousness to reach inner peace. Learn the connection of dosha’s to pranayama &  meditation as we create a customized daily meditation practice.