Our spa treatment menu was developed to support and inspire personal transformation. We use only the purest ingredients in our massage, skincare + body treatments.

herbal mASSAGE
$95 (60 min) / $145 (90 min)

Experience healing and detoxification with this herbal infused massage treatment. Each treatment will be customized to the client's specific need. 

Salt Stone massage
$150 (90 min)

Salt Stone massage therapy is a highly effective healing therapy in which the warm Himalayan salt stones are used as a kneading tool to reduce tension and inflammation. These minerals aid in alkalinizing the PH of the body and in balancing the body’s electrolytes. Our Salt Stone Massage integrates the philosophies of Eastern medicine, Swedish massage, and thermal therapy.

therapeutic Massage + infrared sauna
$145 (90 min)

This treatment includes a 1hr. Herbal Massage infused with Gotu Kola to deeply penetrate the subcutaneous fat tissues and stimulate the lymphatic system while 30min. infrared sauna session promotes sweat and pore opening to deepening these properties into the body, stimulating stagnant lymphatic toxins out of the body.


arnica INFUSED DEEP MUSCLE massage
$108 (75 min) / $200 (2hr)

.The perfect balance for an individual with an active lifestyle. This massage helps to work out muscles, tendons, connective tissue, and trigger points through stretches and combined massage techniques. Therapeutic grade Arnica, Rosemary + Peppermint oil are incorporated with hot stones to create a gentle heating and cooling sensation. The overall treatment helps to soothe achy muscles and facilitates blood flow.

$108 (75 min) / $200 (2hr)

This treatment helps support proper metabolic function, help stimulate the lymphatic system, improves proper circulation, and assists in detoxification. This massage will use myofascial release + lymphatic drainage techniques to help decrease stagnation in the whole body.

Prenatal RELIEF
$95 (60 MIN / $145 (90 MIN)

A wonderful pampering experience for mom-to-be, this treatment is performed in the side lying position using specially designed bolsters and/or pillows to allow the therapist access to your back.


HEALING: neem & Date seed body treatment
$135 (90 min)

This treatment includes a body scrub and a 1hr. herbal massage. Our unique blend of herbs and nourishing date seeds provide an effective formula for wellness and healing. These powerful ingredients are custom blended and massaged vigorously all over your body for smoother and more radiant skin.

supplifying: omega-3 body treatment
$145 (90 min)

This treatment helps support proper metabolic function, help stimulate the lymphatic system, improves proper circulation, and assists in detoxification. This body treatment promotes sweat and pore opening to help decease stagnation in the whole body.

FIRMING: gotu kola & black walnut body treaTment
$135 (90mins)

This luxuriously therapeutic body firming treatment is enriched with natural ingredients to exfoliate, firm, and regenerate. Intensive exfoliation is achieved with the aid of finely ground Walnut Shell powder that is steeped in firming Gotu Kola. Regenerating Rose Hips and invigorating 1hr. Cardamom oil massage brings vitality and smoothness to the skin.


holistic Ayurvedic facial
$75 (60 min)

Utilizing Ayurvedic wellness philosophy we will first identify your skins unique constitution and then customize your treatment incorporating manual lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, marma + acupressure release, and a specialized Kansa wand treatment. Leaving your skin glowing and radiant.

ACUPRESSURE Migraine Relief
$65 (60 min)

This treatment was created for those who suffer from sinus pressure and continues migraines. Based on Chinese medicine we will use acupressure points to strip the sinuses and release pressure in the temples, sub-occipitals, upper neck + shoulder areas.