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Energy Series - 6 Week Workshop

This 6 week series runs every Tuesday June 16th- July 14th from 5:30-6:45pm

Week 1: Discovering Your Energetic Body


We will begin our practice with a 'mindfulness of the body' meditation. Please expect to move with your breath through a few basic poses, be prepared for seated poses, mudras (hand yoga), a short discussion on focusing your attention, and the benefits of meditation. 


Week 2: The Hindu Chakra System (Growing Your Foundation) 


This week will be a Hatha style yoga flow with standing and seated asanas meant to increase your understanding of the three lower level chakras. This class begins with a meditation, moves through stabilizing standing poses, grounding seated poses, and ends with a short lower level chakra meditation. 


Week 3: The Hindu Chakra System (Speaking Your Truth) 


This week we will explore Bija Mantras, or seed sounds as we move through the final four chakras in the Hindu Chakra System. Please expect a Yin/Yang style flow with movement connected to breath and sound. 


Week 4: Mindful Meridians: Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine  


This week is a Yin/restorative flow which explores Traditional Chinese Medicine and the meridian system. Expect some self-massage and reflexology techniques. 


Week 5: Ayurveda: an Ancient Indian Holistic Health Care System 


In Ayurvedic medicine all people are divided into three Dosha types: Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. We are all a little bit of everything, but when we know how our mind/body works based on these categories we can learn how to properly balance, cope, and prevent disease in the body. This week we'll discover our dosha type and explore yoga poses based on balancing your dosha for health. 


Week 6: The Prana Vayus 


'Prana' means life force, or energy. 'Vayu' means wind. The prana vayus are the five movements (winds) or functions of your prana (life force energy). This week, through vigorous practice, restorative asana, and meditation we will close our series by exploring the different areas of the body governed by prana vayu, apana vayu, samana vayu, udana vayu, and vyana vayu.

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